Secret OC Valentine's Pop Up for February 13!

We're less than a month out from the holiday where excessive PDA is acceptable (depending on who you ask). Have you got something planned already? If not, we're here to bounce a few ideas as the conversation hearts prepare to fly. Making something at home is far more romantic than most ideas. However, time and inability to boil water will force some to seek alternatives besides roses and chocolates.

Today, we focus on the element of surprise. Not quite the same as spontaneity, but still an adventurous time. A group known as The Hush Experience coordinates special meals at an undisclosed location. The site's whereabouts are only released 48-hours before the event. Are you game?


For Valentine's, they've got a three-course lineup, led by catering group The Prince & The Pantry. Coincidentally, we interviewed Nathaniel and Amy from P & P last February. There's also cocktails of the craft variety, as well as live entertainment. This all-encompassing evening is known as AFTER DARK and is priced at $300 per couple.

Interested parties can visit for more information. In the meantime, start scoping out florists for whatever reason he/she gets ticked at you.

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