Secret Mole Menu at Amor Y Tacos!

We don't often get a chance to dine beyond the orange curtain. But when we do, it's for a worthwhile reason. Take for example, Edwin's review of Amor Y Tacos in bordering city Cerritos last November. Well worth the commute through miserable weather and traffic.

The highlight of our meal– mole. 21-ingredient mole Edwin described as, “…a concoction so complex you'd think it less Mexican and more Google algorithm.” Found in their signature tots, entrees and even dessert, its addictive flavor wins diners over. So we were pleased to learn that a secret menu revolving around the sauce was recently launched.


As of now, it's a three-way of love to choose from. First up, a Oaxacan burger ahogada (pictured). Also shown, a trio of mole verde pork belly tacos with watermelon and jicama slaw. Chef Tommy Ortega's final offering is a sunny egg tostada with spicy mole. For a former Hell's Kitchen guest judge, he knows how to please the masses with meaty entrees and runny yolks. Now all we need to do is remember to ask for them. When in doubt, start with the TNT: tots and tequila. Trust us.

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