Scott Presant, Publisher of Skratch Magazine

Photo by Jeanne Rice> The Get Up Kids, Four Minute Mile. “Great emo. The band is at its peak with this album. Superb vocals, excellent lyrics. Music with feeling.”

> Bombshell Rocks, Street Art Gallery. “Old-school punk. Very cool.”

> Various artists, Post-Marked Stamps. “Unbelievable variety of emo/indie tracks. Holy schmikies!”

> Audiophile CD Cleaner. “Talk about cleaning my CD player—this works wonders. I recommend the cheap $5 one at Sav-On. The radio-voice vocal instructing me on how to clean CDs is a huge bonus.”

> Are We Done Yet?, Procrastinators. “Amazing songs focusing on how to not get things done on time. Sometimes boring, but the very enjoyable parts make it a worthwhile listen. Indie labels, look out!”

> Running Outta Time, Typically Late. “Wow! Check out this live five-piece pulling out da shit. Better than Los Alamitos' fine four-piece, Tardy.”

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