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Core value: The calloused faith to ignore any contradiction between a literal belief in Judeo-Christianity's theory of creation by a loving God—and a ruthless adherence to socio-economic Darwinism's myth of the
self-made man.

What the hell that means:God maketh the Man, but Man maketh the Money.

Heroes: George W. Bush, Paul Crouch, Ed Arnold.

Villains: Bill Clinton, Hillary Clinton, Chelsea Clinton, Huntington Beach City Councilwoman Debbie Cook.

Turn-ons: Rosemarie Avila and the stimulatingly repressive abstinence-only-sex-education, anti-domestic-partner-benefits rants she makes at the Santa Ana Unified School District meetings and Calvary Chapel services; Enoch Lonnie Ford.

Turn-offs: The Gay and Lesbian Community Service Center of OC.

Regrets: Sometimes they miss the orange trees.

Quote: “Jesus played hardball.” (Traditional Values Coalition head Lou Sheldon)



Core value: The religious foundation that has made this country a City on the Hill translate into the principles of economic freedom that have made us the world's most powerful force.

What the hell that means: Talks the moralistic talk, but mostly as a marketing tool for economic policies that walk all over people.

Heroes: Don Bren, Ann Coulter, Catholic Bishop Tod D. Brown, Lupe Moreno of the anti-immigrant California Coalition for Immigration Reform,
George Argyros.

Villains: Laguna Beach's pro-business, truly environment-friendly independent Republican former City Councilman Wayne Baglin.

Turn-ons: The President's twin daughters.

Turn-offs: Green Party congressional candidate Tom Lash, Dwight Smith of Catholic Worker.

Regrets: Is certain he could have made a real woman out of Jo Ellen Allen. Hell, just a woman, period!

Quote:“The people of the United States don't care if the people of Germany and France are behind us. We are totally leading the world to a tremendous tomorrow! It means we're going to keep God in the pledge! People expect honest leadership, and . . . they know where they can go. George W. Bush is back to the White House! The people in Afghanistan are going to enjoy democracy! It's a peaceful world! Thank you for staying strong and giving hope to America! Orange County leads the way. We are leading the country!” (Congressman Dana Rohrabacher, Election Night 2004)



Core value: Well, you know, they're conservative, then again, compassionate.

What that means:Take a stand and then not stand up for it.

Heroes: Arnold Schwarzenegger.

Villains: Ariana Huffington, Libertarian U.S. Senate candidate Judge Jim Gray.

Turn-ons: Ann Pulice, anchorwoman on KOCE's Real Orange, in a kinda sideways kinda way; First Lady Laura Bush, ditto; Hugh Hewitt.

Turn-offs:Brian Bennett, former Bob Dornan chief of staff, now an out-of-the-closet critic of any constitutional amendment against gay marriage.

Regrets: Didn't use Latino day workers to landscape front yard.

Quote:“There is no difference between what I said and didn't say.” (Dave Garofalo, former Huntington Beach Mayor, current political-corruption felon)


Core value:Recognize that they benefited from the social welfare programs of the mid-20th century but believes either a) society has outgrown the need for such programs or b) anyone still left behind can be served through a charitable soup kitchen.

What the hell that means:The only thing that will rouse them to real activism is fighting to keep that charitable soup kitchen from locating in his neighborhood.

Heroes: Loretta Sanchez.

Villains: Ralph Nader, Food Not Bombs soup kitchen.

Regrets:Larry Agran wasn't elected president, you know, back when he was good.

Quote: “Listen, I'm as progressive as they come, but . . .”


Core value:Against “The Man.”

What the hell that means: Buys their rebel cred at the mall.

Heroes:I'm my own hero, dude.

Villains: The Man.

Regrets: Didn't take a picture of that heinous scab they got while skateboarding last year at the Block.

Quote: “I could totally sue you!”

Photo by Davis Barber


Core value: A living, breathing, heat-seeking missile.

What that means: Has never found Anna Nicole Smith or Ron Jeremy unattractive.

Heroes: Jennifer Stewart, famous deep-throater who used to work at Disneyland.

Villains: John Ashcroft.

Regrets:Probably will die before computer porn is completely interactive.

Quote: “Never mind.”

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