Scientology Photo Contest: Replicate This Pic of the New OC Ideal Org and Win $40 for TK Burgers!

Gentle readers: we know times are tough, with (insert your political enemies here) ruining the economy and sending us all to the poor house.

But there's good news!
If you got a little Ansel Adams in ya, you might win a $40 gift certificate to TK Burgers we've had in this office for a while.

All we need you to do is be the first person to take an unaltered photo of Scientology's Orange County Ideal Org from the exact angle of the shot you will see after the jump, incorporate every little detail sans the crowd, and email it to us. Ready?

The address is 505 N. Sycamore St. in Santa Ana. Don't worry, I may have been the only ghost face downtown today, and nobody messed with me.

You don't have to bring all the people into the photo, nor do you have to include the two signs Scientologists scrubbed in their shot. Send yer pics and hate mail to jd******@oc******.com. Have fun!

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