School's In Session For The Mixing Glass at the OC Mix with its Bar Mechanics 101 Classes

Most of us (myself included) would rather order and drink cocktails than learn how to make our own. For a few, this is an expensive hobby waiting to happen. If you are one of the chosen, our local expert is ready to conduct the first of many classes inside The OC Mix. What are you doing March 27, from 7-9 p.m.? We'll tell you.


Gabrielle Dion (owner of The Mixing Glass) has prepared an evening of interactive education, plus a shopping incentive for all participants. Topics covered include proper technique–shaking, stirring and jiggering. She'll also explain the correct usage of basic bar tools.

Registration for Bar Mechanics 101 is $40, which includes a 10% discount on purchases made that evening. Note: No alcohol will be used at any point during class. Interested parties can email The Mixing Glass at in**@th****************.com or phone over at (714) 975-9952.

If mechanics aren't your thing, hakuna matata. Dion's future courses will have names like “Building a Home Basics Bar”, “Tiki” and “Homemade Ingredients: Syrups and Shrubs.” We'd like to propose a session on “Hangovers: How to Prevent, Recover, and Walk of Shame Like A Boss”.

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