Scapegoats and Booze

(Self-titled/released 3-song demo)

Jesús “El Pelos” (“The Hairs”—ask him about the genesis of the nickname!) Olvera is living the sonic-geek dream, not only making moola with his musical musings as a staff writer for the fine Spanish-language biweekly Al Borde, but also fronting a tremendous trio in El Chivo Expiatorio (The Scapegoat). On this debut, the Fullertonian borrows the Tenacious D concept of ridiculous rock and adds humor, intellect and talent. The first track shows how: a remake of the bolero standard “El Preso Número Nueve” (“Prisoner Number Nine”) that shifts between spastic ska and metal interludes, while Olvera's smirking voice croons with a falsetto that incredibly reminds you of Miguel Aceves Mejía. “Ellas,” meanwhile, feminizes beer bottles (or souses up women, if you want) with such double entendres as “Now I know that it doesn't matter how she looks from the outside/Now I know that true beauty is what she has inside” in a cumbia/rock urbano ditty that should be adopted as the anthem of Modern Drunkard Magazine. By comparison, the finale falters—there are other upbeat beats besides ska, ¿tú sabes?—but lends credence to the rancho rumor that Mexicans invented rap: check out Olvera's geyser of a spiel that brings the EP to a dramatic close. Let's just hope, however, that El Chivo Expiatorio's stellar presentation doesn't motivate other music critics to pick up an instrument. We're talking to you, Robert Hilburn.

Contact: je***@al*****.com“>je***@al*****.com

El Chivo Expiatorio performs with Go Betty Go and Las 15 Letras at the Centro Cultural De México, 1522 S. Main St., Santa Ana, (714) 953-9305. Sun., 6 p.m. Free. All Ages.

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