Save The Date: Patchwork Show Edible Edition Is Coming to SOCO Collection Oct. 5-6!

When we think Patchwork, we think arts and crafts. Lots of jewelry. Maybe a few luxe loncheras for good measure. So when they announced an edible edition, we wondered what exactly that meant. Having an editor who writes about hole-in-the-walls and supports the local food scene (ok, and his chica is one of the organizers) eased our fears. We wanted needed to know more.

Occurring during the first weekend of October on the 5th and 6th, Patchwork Edible will take place at SoCo Collection off 405 and Harbor, across its many tenants–Surfas, the OC Mix, the parking lot, and others. Expect more than simply food for sale. The schedule includes kitchen demos, discussion panels, plus business and hands-on workshops. Of course, there will be regional craft vendors in the house. It's called Patchwork for a reason–duh.


Most people will gravitate towards the outdoor marketplace to satisfy their hunger. In addition to local artisans, expect The OC Mix to represent with newcomers Taco Maria and Greenleaf Gourmet Chopshop. Our fixation will be on their beverage selections. Thinking about the natural sodas, beer, wine and even Kombucha bar gets us parched. And folks like Portola Coffee Lab's Truman will also be on hand demonstrating cool concepts like caffeinated molecular distillation. We have no idea what that even means!

Small business owners will find opportunities to learn and grow thanks to programs geared just for them. Our old friends at Front Porch Pops, on hand to discuss their Salty Dog pies, are a great example of a modest business that's done well. From Whole Foods to health agencies, the topic of Cottage Laws will definitely be discussed. Across the way at Surfas, KCRW's Evan Kleiman plans to fire up seasonal cuisine. Those wanting an interactive experience will discover a bunch of options. We are torn between mustard making and creating beauty products from food.

Powering through all these cool activities requires equally satisfying treats. We recommend visiting the gang over at The YES bar. Their coffee cayenne snacks may be free of gluten, grain, dairy and soy, but the flavor leaves a memorable finish. Once you've fueled up, check out the panel discussions led by a notorious bunch. Dean Kim of OC Baking Company, Jonathan Gold from the LA Times and master gardener Sarah Spitz are a few of the headliners. Did we mention our very own El Jefe and Dave Lieberman plan to speak? We're certain the topic of Mexican booze gentrification is right up their alley.

Oh, and we'll announce the winners of our OC Weekly/KCRW hot sauce-salsa contest. See you there!

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