Satan's customer-service rep

Illustration by Bob AulTo the lovely woman dining at Houston's on a recent Wednesday night: GET OVER IT! So your fish wasn't cooked enough. You were told politely they would be happy to re-cook it for you, but that wasn't good enough. They asked if you'd like to take it home, but you replied, “I don't DO takeout.” The server, manager, hostess and even kitchen manager tried everything in their power to please you, and apparently that wasn't enough. Then you had the cojones to ask for the corporate number so you could complain that the manager “sucked.” Then I heard the clincher: I heard you say you're in customer service. For whom? Satan?

I've been a server for seven years, and my husband worked as a manager for some time. It's people like you who take advantage of the fact that employees can't say what they'd like. But I will tell you this: if you EVER visit my restaurant, I won't hesitate to tell you how I feel. And one word of advice: it's never smart to mess with the people who are bringing you your food.

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