SanTana Fashion Designer Jonathan Jimenez Is Heading to Australia—But He Needs Your Help

On the heels of his successful spring showcase at last month's OC Fashion Week, SanTana designer, Jonathan Jimenez has announced that his next showcase will be at the Brisbane Fashion Festival on October 28th. The Australian invitation was made after a fellow OC Fashion Week featured designer, Carly Vidal for Urban Prima, was impressed by Jimenez's designs and invited him to exhibit his threads in her homeland. 

As a proud santanero, Jimenez has made waves in the OC fashion scene for his collections that have been featured in multiple OC Fashion Weeks and getting mentions in Locale Magazine, The Orange County Register and the Weekly.  We took notice of the rising local designer earlier this year when he was applying to be a contestant on Project Runway. Although Jimenez didn't make it pass the interviewing process, he says he's not giving up and will apply to next season's casting calls. 

Jimenez says he even hopes his showcase in Brisbane will strengthen his portfolio for his next attempt to enter But the local designer admits he's struggling to make the trip across the world happen, as financial obstacles are weighing heavy on Jimenez's dream to take his homegrown designs to an international audience. Still, he stays determined, “I'm not going to miss my opportunity to go global,” Jimenez says. That's why the designer has started a GoFundMe page to fund his roundtrip airfare to the festival, the heftiest expense of the trip. 

The collection featured at last month's OC fashion Week will be the same collection featured at Brisbane Fashion Festival. Here were our words on Jimenez's latest threads back in September. 

SanTana's own Jonathan Jimenez's collection seemed to pay homage to the desert chic heroine of Star War: The Force Awakens, Rey. Jimenez's collection focused on earthy tones with light and drapey fabrics. Flared pants were also common. Check out Jimenez's latest collection that he will showcase in Brisbane below.  

If you'd like to help this santanero in his quest to go global visit his GoFundMe page here. 

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