High School Volleyball Coach in Santa Ana Charged With Sexual Assault of Students


UPDATE, AUG. 7, 4:10 P.M.: The Orange County District Attorney’s office charged Omar Rojas today with 12 sex crime felonies. Prosecutors note that Rojas worked at Century High School as a volleyball coach when several incidents with underage teens occurred during a three-year span between October 2013 through October 2016. 

Rojas stands accused of having unlawful sex with a 15-year-old in 2013. He’s also charged with having committed the same crime two years later with a 17-year-old victim, who he also orally copulated. The last of the counts involves sexual encounters between March and October 2016 where he had unlawful sex with another 17-year-old victim in addition to orally copulating and sexually penetrating her with a foreign object. 

Rojas is expected to arraigned on charges today. If convicted, he faces a maximum sentence of 11 years and four months in state prison. 

ORIGINAL POST, AUG. 7,  1:45 P.M.: Santa Ana police recently arrested a Century High School volleyball coach for sexually assaulting underage students and booked him into Orange County Jail. The investigation began when the Santa Ana Unified School District (SAUSD) Police alerted authorities of allegations that Omar Rojas, 28, had sex with several teenage girls. Rojas also worked as a District Safety Officer at Sierra Preparatory Academy at the time of the arrest. 

“These allegations are being taken seriously and are in direct conflict of the District’s zero-tolerance policy relating to staff misconduct,” a district statement read. “Walk-on coaches are no exception to this rule.” 

Detectives concluded that the incidents occurred in 2015 when Rojas didn’t work as a District Safety Officer. He’s alleged to have had girls excused from class on numerous occasions for the purpose of having sex with them on campus. The two victims were 17-years-old at the time and are no longer students at Century High School. 

Police are asking for any potential victims to come forward. They’re also suggesting that anyone with information related to the case contact Detective Nick Vega at (714) 245-8368. Since Santa Ana police sent out a press release this morning, detectives interviewed a third victim, 15, allegedly sexually assaulted by Rojas and are currently speaking to another teen. 

“In the days and weeks ahead, we will work closely with the Santa Ana Police Department on this investigation,” the district statement continues. “We will provide counseling support and resources to Century High School and Sierra Preparatory Academy to support students, staff, and parents.” 

Rojas confessed to the allegations at the time of his arrest. He’s currently sitting in jail with bail set at a million dollars. 

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