SanTásti, Our Drink of the Week

The first time I tried SanTásti was at the San Francisco Vintners Market back in November. It was introduced to me as a palate-cleansing water–the ideal companion for a wine-tasting event. Though I was initially skeptical of the powers of SanTásti, the beverage definitely did its job between pours, while also being a refreshing drink on its own.

SanTásti works as a sparkling water made with natural ingredients that has just the right amount of carbonation to enhance, rather than disrupt, whatever you taste or eat afterward.


As explained on its website, the carbonated water is triple-filtered and contains a small amount of cane sugar to balance the acidity. SanTásti's use of fruit pectin and cellulose gum helps to lessen the astringency on your palate after drinking wine, coffee, etc., by binding to the tannins left in your mouth. Another ingredient, citric acid, increases saliva to naturally improve the cleansing process.

SanTásti comes in a 12-ounce bottle and is available in two flavors, Classic and Cucumber. I recommend Cucumber! It's currently found mostly at wineries along the Central Coast and in Sonoma and Napa counties, but you can also purchase SanTásti online here. If you want to test out these palate-cleansing claims yourself, for $5, you can have two bottles shipped to you as a sample pack (limit is one per customer). Enjoy!

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