San Clemente Store The Yurt Throws a Party for the New Moon

Every 29 1/2 days the moon rises and sets alongside the sun. This lunation, or inception of a lunar cycle, is only visible to the human eye during a solar eclipse. Yet the spiritual significance of this remarkable motion is symbolic every new moon. It's something we can all use more of– new beginnings. Some celebrate by committing to a new perspective on an old subject, while other's move through a Vinyasa flow รก la candle light. The Yurt, a San Clemente, community-centric space, has decided to pay homage to the moon by throwing a quarterly party curated with emerging artists and esoteric thinkers.

Friday, July 17th, at 7p.m., celebrate the first New Moon party and launch of their storefront space with tequila-moonrise cocktails by Abreojos, sound healing with Dina Kleiman (a one-on-one experience inside a bamboo structure covered in white linen), DJ set by RVINYDZE (featuring whoosh-like moon sounds), and accessible art curated by Ashes In Orange Peels. Artists will include Yevgeniya Mikhailik, Diana Barbancho, Chantal deFelice, Ray Vargas, Yumi Christina Sukugawa, Rob Brown, Sarah Walsh, Nancy Chiu, Diana Markessinis, and Lindsay Buchman.


Amber Materna, partner and event curator writes, “The Yurt was founded out of necessity; a safe space for the entire natural and healing community beyond their respective studios was envisioned, and a safe space for the entire community is what we hope to manifest.”

Materna, who has harvested a wellness PR firm called we are ROOT, is joined by creative director, Jess Lea (owner/designer of Salty Goods), and Cole Bowen aka DJ RVINYDZE (owner/designer of Samhita Mala).

Starting next week, their storefront space will be open Tuesday through Saturday's, selling hand made cards, artisan jewelry, natural cleaning products, felted wool meditation mats, vinyl and cassette's from Leaving Records featuring the established label Stones Throw, and more. This space will also house kundalini classes, meditation workshops, purse making seminars and sound healing events. Materna gave me the scoop on an event called “Bloom with the Moon,” a guide map to finding balance and harmony by exploring your connection to the lunar cycle, slated for the coming months.

As you celebrate the New Moon in Cancer, be mindful of the healing grid in the space, that Kleiman will create with selenite and tourmaline stones. Be sure to check out limited edition bamboo and hemp, hand painted, knit's with moon phases designed by Lady Bim and the Yurt as well as mala's made out of agate and fossil by Samhita Mala.

Unable to make it to the party? Check out their artisan market the first Sunday of every month featuring jewelers, healers, clairvoyants, ceramicist, musicians, woodworkers, curators, photographers, perfumers, artists, chefs, designers, herbalists, fabricators, publishers, kombucha connoisseur's, terranium guru's, and overall people with an appreciation of holistic wellness. “These events aim to surpass the ideology of commerce and consumerism, creating a space for people to exist with vulnerability and to form a little tribe in a safe space!” Materna says.

To RSVP to NEW MOON visit
[Sound-scape from the event will be available for download online].
Address: 201-a Calle de Los Molinos, San Clemente, CA 92672

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