Sake to Me

Few organizations in Southern California are better to work for than the Japanese Food Culture Association, which does little more than host conventions touting Japanese foodstuffs and liquors-sushi, noodles and gallons of sake. They usually hold the feasts in Los Angeles, but they will grace this county on Thursday. More than 40 exhibitors will be on hand, touting everything from the city of Kobe to sake and something called Fuji Water Systems, which promotes its “highest quality reverse-osmosis systems” with a grinning chick in a blue tank top. Cooks from local restaurant Kitayama will join their Los Angeles competition to wow you crazy gaijins with their skills. Don't wince at the $55 price tag ($50 in advance)-that's how much a regular sushi tab costs anyway, and where else can you get unlimited samples?
Thu., March 13, 6 p.m., 2008

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