Rubber City Rebels

The winds of war are blowin’ again, and there’s little the proletariat can do except swallow the chunks of chaos and carnage that apparently even purported agents of “change” spew down our throats. Your only recourse is to slamdance the shit out of the equally disillusioned and weary, or headbang your gray matter slushy; doing so to the Rubber City Rebels, the legendary protopunk band from Ohio who landed on the map after a raucous performance at CBGB when they opened for the Dead Boys in 1977, is highly suggested. Uplifters such as “Annoyed, Destroyed and Unemployed” should please and don’t be surprised if “I Wanna Pierce My Brain” actually sounds like a good idea in another week. Also on the bill are the most excellent girl-fronted duo, White Murder, and that means there’ll be a hell of a lot of cathartic, seething, shrieking to go around.

Wed., Sept. 18, 9 p.m., 2013

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