Room at the Inns

Brown just doesn't get it. Plans for the not-yet-built $100 million Christ Our Savior Cathedral—or, as some church critics call it, the “Tod Mahal”—include a rectory to house priests, yet the Catholic Diocese of Orange continues to defend its purchase of a multimillion-dollar home in a gated Santa Ana community near the cathedral that sources say will serve as the bishop's personal residence (see “Movin' on Up,” Aug. 13). “Its purchase is but one expression of the decision of the bishop to no longer remain 'frozen in time' by the threat of the civil suits against the diocese,” Father Mike Heher wrote to Orange priests in a confidential Sept. 3 memo. “Yes, we want a prompt, fair and compassionate resolution of these suits . . . but that's not all we're doing.”

But if Brown—who currently lives in a $1.2 million manse in eastern Santa Ana—is really concerned about finding nearby lodging for future Christ Our Savior priests and himself, he need look no farther than the five parishes within a four-mile radius of the proposed cathedral site. Weeklyresearchers visited and called each parish to confirm vacancies in their respective rectories. We also drove from the Christ Our Savior site on 2001 W. MacArthur Blvd. to each rectory during Thursday-afternoon rush-hour traffic to time how long the commutes would take. Following, then, is a list of parishes where Brown could, in the example set by his predecessor, Bishop Norman McFarland, live amongst his peers.

(See above illustration, starting clockwise from far left)

Holy Spirit

17270 Ward St., Fountain Valley. Distance: 3.5 miles. Time: 8 minutes.

Immaculate Heart of Mary

1100 S. Center St., Santa Ana. Distance: 2.8 miles. Time: 6 minutes.

St. Anne's

109 Borchard Ave., Santa Ana. Distance: 3.7 miles. Time: 9 minutes.

Our Lady of Guadalupe (Delhi)

541 E. Central Ave., Santa Ana. Distance: 3.1 miles. Time: 7 minutes.

St. John the Baptist

1015 Baker St., Costa Mesa. Distance: 2.1 miles. Time: 5 minutes.

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