'Rolling Stone' Names the Dirty Heads 'Best Reggae Rockers' in 'Best New Bands 2010' Feature

​Huntington Beach five-piece the Dirty Heads, which hit the road as the supporting act for Sublime With Rome April 20, are featured on page 33 of the April 1 edition of Rolling Stone on newsstands today. 

The Dirty Heads are part of the five-page spread “Best New Bands 2010,” where they are honored with “Best Reggae Rockers.” 
Yeah, we know, the Orange County act has been around for about a decade. But it's RS. The publication hasn't won a hipster point since 1970 and reserved cover space this week for up-and-comer Jimi Hendrix.
Still, it's a magazine with more than a million readers and, shit, we find it pretty cool to read kind words in rock's one-time bible about a band profiled in the Weekly that streeted March 4. After the jump: Read excerpt–including quotes from our hometown heroes–from print-only RS article.


​”Cali surf bros who revive Sublime-style reggae rock, rapping and harmonizing on their April disc Any Port in a Storm,” is all I could find at RollingStone.com.

But in the continually shrinking mag, the Dirty Heads co-frontmen Jared Watson and Dustin Bushnell are both quoted–about their drug and alcohol intake. 

“Despite the group's dubby, obviously THC-laced sound,” writes RS Associate Editor Brian Hiatt,” Bushnell claims to be the only band member who smokes pot: He wakes and bakes daily. But Watson begs to differ. 'Dustin is such a dick,' he says. 'I smoke weed–just not as much weed as Dustin. But I can drink a lot more than he can.'”     

Make sure to buy five copies for your mothers, boys. 

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