Rohrabacher Reportedly Says Most Republicans Think Iraq War Was Unlawful

“This morning when we taped our show for this weekend, Congressman Dana Rohrabacher, a right down the middle conservative Republican from southern California, former speech writer for Ronald Reagan, looked at me and said 'almost all Republicans in the House of Representatives now believe that the war in Iraq was a mistake, that it was unlawful, that it was immoral, that it wasn't worth the lives lost or the trillions that will be spent'” 

 — Retired judge and FOX Business commentator Andrew Napolitano speaking on the Alex Jones radio show. Rohrabacher reportedly made similar comments at a recent forum with Tom McClintock. 


One question: FOX may be kooky, but when did it become kooky enough to openly associate with Alex Jones, king of New World Order conspiracy theorists?

Oh, another question: Did OC congressman Rohrabacher really say most Republicans think the war was “unlawful?” Mistake, sure, but illegal? Probably should wait to actually hear Rohrabacher say that before taking Napolitano's word for it.
Okay, one more: Rohrabacher's a “right-down-the-middle conservative?”
Napolitano's promise about Rohrabacher's statement on his upcoming show comes around the 6:30 mark in the video below.


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