Robert Williams: Mr. Bitchin

There’s pop art and then there’s art that makes your eyeballs pop out and scream—that’s where Robert Williams comes in. In fact, he’s probably got a lush and lurid canvas of eyeballs actually popping out and screaming, filed between his banned Guns ‘n’ Roses cover and a stack of Zap Comix that sizzle like a bug zapper when the lights go off. Some call his work lowbrow, some call it kustom, some call it caveman and some just flutter a hand over their heart as they ring the constabulary, and that’s what we like to call “art.” After forty-some years, they finally made a movie about this true-blue American ass-kicker, and OCMA is showing the resulting Mr. Bitchin’ with Mr. Williams himself plus the filmmakers, as well. Be ready for bright colors and black humor.

Thu., Nov. 17, 8 p.m., 2011

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