Robert Plant Is Not Into Zeppelin Reunion

Yes, we all love Robert Plant, but you can't forgive him for leaving Zeppelin to go his own way. He's done well in his nearly 30-year solo career, but we want a Zeppelin reunion! It's comparable to the Smiths' status, except Plant isn't as weird and vengeful as Moz. In the new issue of Rolling Stone, Plant explains that he is unwilling to get back with the band after their reunion concert four years ago. 
He said, “I've gone so far somewhere else that I almost can't relate to it. . . . It's a bit of a pain in the pisser to be honest. Who cares? I know people care, but think about it from my angle–soon, I'm going to need help crossing the street.” Plant has put out a new album with Band of Joy that's good, and his 2007 album, Raising Sand with Alison Krauss, was an excellent, rootsy effort, but they're not the same as Zep at their thunderous best. Here's hoping that Plant, Page and Jones find common ground and, just maybe, record some new material.


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