Rita Ora's Life Lessons, In Illustrated Form

You know you 'made it' when Kim Kardashian is clinging to your celebrity. 23-year-old songstress Rita Ora is a hot ticket now and according to recent tabloids, Kim is reportedly blaming Rita for brother Rob Kardashian's weight problem. Here's the kicker: Rob and Rita's fling was in 2012, which left plenty of time for Rob to join Weight Watchers.

“I never thought it was actually a relationship, in all honesty,” Rita told Australia's Sunday Telegraph Style magazine. “I never mentally defined it as boyfriend, girlfriend. When I split up with him, I said, 'It's because I'm never there, I don't know how to do it.' That's all I said, then… the rest happened. He obviously felt that creating myths was the way forward.”

It must be nice to be hand-picked by Jay-Z and thrust into stardom… but with fame, comes Kardashians. Watch out Ora–they're like mosquitoes.

Illustrated quotation above via via GQ Magazine UK.


–via ripitup.com


–via GQ Magazine UK

–via Teen Vogue

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