R.I.P. Ox

Let it be known now that recent articles to the contrary (“Haiku-O-Rama!” by Rich Kane, May 24-30, and Dave Wielenga's “Hope They Die Before They Get Old,” June 21-27), we at the Weekly are not in any way responsible for the sudden death by heart attack of Who bassist John Entwistle on June 27. Sure, the Ox was a great player—maybe the best rock bassman ever. But our cynicism over the myriad of Who reunion tours since what was supposedly their final go-round in 1982, their only-in-it-for-the-cash attitude about such treks (blatant, but at least they were honest about it), and Pete Townshend accepting tour sponsorship from beer companies when he's a recovering alcoholic himself are constant reminders for us that—mourning for Entwistle aside—we soured on them a long, long time ago. One of our worries is that Entwistle will be remembered not for his finger skills on a song as excellent as “Bargain,” but that since “Bargain” is now a Nissan commercial, the man's ultimate legacy has been reduced to that of a greasy car salesman—damn you, Townshend! Still, something tells us that if Keith Moon's croaking didn't stop the Who from slogging on for another 24 years, then this won't either. You can't just replace a Keith Moon, y'know, just like you can't replace a John Entwistle—but that won't stop them from trying—at press time, we got word that they were morbidly soldiering on with the tour, starting with July 1's Hollywood Bowl show. We join the myriad of Internet postings we've read this past week when we say we hope Ox's passing will eventually convince both Townshend and Roger Daltrey to hang it up once and for all and to stop handjobbing the teats of nostalgia-crazed fans for the want of a few extra pounds. (Rich Kane)

A benefit show for Leilani Gutierrez, who was injured in a Costa Mesa car accident on Mother's Day, has been set for July 30 at Chain Reaction, with sets from Sense Field, Gameface and Crashcart. Leilani is the four-year-old daughter of Sense Field bassist Rodney Sellars (LowBallAssChatter, June 7-13), and the band reports on their website that she is now out of her coma, is fully responsive, and has been transferred into a children's rehabilitation center. However, she is paralyzed from the neck down and will need plenty of professional care—which is never cheap, so donations and funds are still important (though Leilani has medical insurance, the maximum amount has already been surpassed). Ticket prices are set at a paltry $10—less than the new Eminem CD, and a more enriching entertainment value!—but if you can't make it, contributions are still being accepted in the form of checks and money orders to Leilani Gutierrez, c/o Globe Packaging, 179 E. 17th St., Box 400, Costa Mesa, CA 92627. Get-well cards can also still be sent to Sense Field at 3940 Laurel Canyon Blvd., Ste. 165, Studio City, CA 91604. (RK)

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