Riip Beer Company's Tasting Room Opens TODAY

We've been hearing a lot about Riip Beer Co. over the last few months. First, we flipped out over their delicious Dan-K IPA. Then we got all kinds of giddy to hear that they deliver growlers and bottles. And then we melted when we learned that they deliver their beer in a used Helms Bakery truck–cute as hell and is carbs on wheels in all the right ways. Finally, we gaped in wonderment when we recently found out their head brewer, Andrew Moy, is only 24 years old and has only been brewing for roughly three years. And folks, this was all before these guys even opened.

The wait has come to an end. On Friday, October 16, lift your glasses in rejoice, because Riip Beer Co. welcomes all of Orange County (and all you beer travelers) to their finished taproom this weekend.

“I'm kind of tripping out,” says owner Ryan Rasmussen. “I mean what if we run out of beer?”


If you're a lover of IPAs and all things hops, Riip Beer Co. will probably become a staple. IPAs are their bread and butter. While most breweries offer IPAs as a sort of requirement for living on the west coast, not all actually master the beautifully bitter art. You'll find that some breweries produce this style as an afterthought, thinking that adding hops is equivalent to fixing mistakes in a brew.

Surprisingly–given Moy's age and experience–Riip commits none of these atrocities when brewing. This comes when you brew the beers you like to drink rather than merely brew to fill a market.

Keep a look out for the beer truck around Huntington Beach or go to the source yourself. Doors open at 2pm.

Find the Riip Beer Company tasting room at 17214 Pacific Coast Highway. Huntington Beach, California, Give 'em a call at (714) 248-6710. Also, check out their Facebook page here.

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