Life on the Veg: Snack Attack at Trader Joe's

Being a vegetarian isn't all salads and seaweed. We also fall victim to the snack attack, but that doesn't mean that–when we do–it has to be face first into a plate of French fries. If you're in between meals and are jonesing for some substantial
nosh that doesn't consist of carrot sticks or deep-fried potatoes, there are some
easy-to-get and surprisingly tasty alternatives out there capable of stimulating your taste buds while
taking the edge off your hunger. Today we feature three ready-made snacks from
Trader Joe's that are cheap, quick on
the draw, and hold some respect for your tongue.


1. Vegetable Samosas:


Oh. My. God. If you own a toaster oven then you hold the power to transform six vaguely edible pieces of frosty, triangle-shaped browness into a suspiciously delicious snack. When toasted at 350 degrees for about ten minutes, these samosas come out as golden packages of crunchy goodness filled with a piping-hot mixture of diced potatoes, carrots, green peas, and a variety of delectable spices. This hearty snack satisfies that savory spot and leaves you with the conundrum of how something so tasty could possibly be found in the freezer isle for under $5.

2. Tofu Spring Rolls:


This vegan-friendly treat comes in a pair, snugly
packed in a plastic tray more commonly used for sushi takeout. Spring rolls
are hard to do well and although Trader Joe's is a long way off from
replicating an authentic Vietnamese recipe it scores points for convenience
and the awesome ginger-infused peanut dipping sauce. These particular
spring rolls don't compensate for bulk by over-stuffing with noodles like so many other
cheaper variations do. Instead, they are filled with generous amounts
of fresh lettuce, cabbage, carrots, and mint leaves so that you get a pleasant and
fragrant crunch as you bite into these neat little rice paper packages. When
saturated by the wonderfully rich peanut sauce, the spring roll issues a
mouth-watering kick to both your sweet and savory receptors that works wonders for curbing that afternoon hunger.

3. Meatless Corn Dogs:


Just when you thought food couldn't get any better, they put
it on a stick. There are some people out there who have qualms with vegetarian food
trying to pass itself off as the real deal because meatless products are ultimately just that: meatless. A tofu dog may not yet be able to fool you into believing it came from a cow, but sometimes it can get pretty dang close. When I fed this
battered, soy-based protein to my carnivorous sister, the only thing she had to
say was, “It's not salty enough.” Duly noted. Grab some mustard and you're
free to remember a time when meat on a stick seemed appealing. Mm.

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