Drink of the Week: Sexy Alligator at Beachfront 310

If the bartender tells you this drink is meant to be downed in one go, don't listen. Most regular patrons of the Beachfront 310 Bar N Grill on Huntington Beach's Main Street have wrestled with the Sexy Alligator and can tell you from first-hand experience that even though the drink is pushed as a shot, it's way more manageable when sipped as a cocktail.

The bartenders might also insist that the ingredients of this signature cocktail are a secret, but they're not difficult to make out on your own. The Sexy Alligator is a tricolor blend of Jägermeister, pineapple juice, and Melon Malibu. Uh-oh!

This “shot” sits pretty in a cocktail glass just waiting to creep up on its unsuspecting victims. The combination of Jäger, which was historically used by the Germans as an anesthetic during WWII, and the self-proclaimed “Seriously easy-going” Malibu Rum is a bit ironic and the resulting flavor is an interesting experience worth at least one try.

Jäger makes up the first layer creating a strong initial taste accented with various herbs and punctuated by cooling sensation you can feel at the back of your throat. If you drink deeper, you reach the second layer of pineapple juice which works well as a pleasant chaser for the intense flavor of the Jäger. Finishing after the pineapple juice is a smooth shot of Malibu Melon Rum.

The man sitting beside me at the bar was able to name the Sexy Alligator with little more than a glance. He recalled some fond memories with the drink, but strongly warned that, “If one doesn't do it, two will.” Coming from a 190 lb. man, this advice might do you some good if you ever decide to wrestle the Alligator, yourself.

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