Drink of the Week: Mint Julep at Disneyland's Blue Bayou Restaurant

Unless you're an ex-Mouseketeer, the CEO of a Fortune 500 company, or the offspring of one or the other, you're probably not going to make it into Club 33 (Disneyland's hardly secret VIP lounge) for an afternoon highball with Mickey. So then what do you do if your throat's left a little parched from screaming your way through a seventh go on Matterhorn? Well, if riding down Splash Mountain with your mouth open doesn't sound like an option, the next best thing would be to head over to New Orleans Square for an ice-cold Mint Julep at the Blue Bayou Restaurant.

Traditionally, Mint Juleps are an alcoholic cocktail made with Bourbon whiskey, but we all know Disneyland is dry as a bone in this respect, so don't go complaining if you've got no excuse to go “Girls Gone Wild” to the Dixieland Band after your third glass. Virgin though it may be, the tang of lemonade and lime juice gives the cocktail a nice kick.  In addition to this, added sugar will perk up you up long enough to make it to the night parade. Muddled mint leaves and the effervescence of soda water will leave you refreshed and smacking your lips to a pleasant aftertaste. Round the drink off with a slice of lemon and maraschino cherry and what's not to love?

The only downer is that the Blue Bayou is a dine-in restaurant only, so you'll have to queue up like everybody else to have at this drink (something you'll probably have gotten used to). Be ready to put your name on a wait list, or even better, try to duck in during non-peak hours for the quickest service. But don't let this turn you off. Tasty and generously proportioned, Disneyland's Mint Julep is an attraction definitely worth waiting for.

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