Dessert of the Week: Crazy Bananas at Cafe Tu Tu Tango

After looking over the dessert menu at Cafe Tu Tu Tango, the choice seemed pretty clear for the Dessert of the Week: Crazy Bananas. With a description that included sliced bananas, vanilla bean ice cream, walnuts, sopapillas (think tortilla chip meets churro), whipped cream, and a caramel sauce infused with Drambuie and Scotch, this dessert stands out. But of course, what was forgotten when it reached the table? The sauce! Truly a letdown.

Although Crazy Bananas held its own without the sauce, this dessert had potential to reach perfection if it wasn't missing that one vital ingredient. The sopapillas keep this treat from falling into a standard, banana split-esque dessert category. It gives it an international edge and adds a crunch along with the walnuts.

Located at the Block in Orange, Cafe Tu Tu Tango deserves a second visit. Although it's probably just appealing because they bring a “mini campfire” to the table, it will be time to order the s'mores, even if it does cost nearly $10. When the novelty wears off, you are still left with a classic.

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