Dessert of the Week: Chocolate Lava Cake at O'Malley's

O'Malley's on Main Street in Seal Beach manages to stand out among the wide array of restaurants and shops that line the street. This Irish pub makes a good-faith effort at Emerald Isle authenticity, with a friendly, welcoming atmosphere mostly centered on the whole drinking thing. That said, O'Malley's does offer delicious food, and the chocolate lava cake is an easy choice for Dessert of the Week.


The homemade chocolate lava cake is moist and opens to a warm, gooey center. The key to lava cake is the balance between cake and soufflN–something O'Malley's has perfected. The chocolate center of the cake pours out–as it must, if you want to create that “lava” effect. The cake was accompanied by vanilla ice cream and a simple raspberry sauce, which complemented the heavy chocolate flavors.

Ireland may influence some of O'Malley's menu, as well as its wood-paneled decor, but this American dessert is worth the stop. And it goes great with a cold Guinness. (Hell, what doesn't?)

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