Reporting live from the Ron Paul party in Newport

Ron Paul supporters watch the results come in. Not looking too good, but that doesn't mean give up!

Ron Paul lost. Nooo! Well, let's do a shot for him anyway, says Huntington Beach Paul supporter James Sugra, because there ain't no party like a Ron Paul party because a Ron Paul Party don't stop… to consider whether half the country still doesn't know who he is (three fourths think he's crazy and 90 percent don't read books).

But apparently a few, like this group of about 20 who have assembled at Classic Q's in Newport Beach, watch, where we've been having our minds blown for the last year via MySpace bulletins from our crazy friends. Wait, the government doesn't print the money, it's actually a series of private banks? Wait, money is actually a meaningless piece of paper? 9/11 was faked, the Rothschilds own everything!. My brain is, like exploding man. Somebody give me a Fresca.

Sugra has a right to talk because on Nov. 5, this V for Vendetta sendoff helped raise $4.3 million for Ron Paul, the most money for a candidate in a single day in the history of the world. . . *WARNING* Blogger just had a shot for Ron Paul then lost an hour's worth of work because his computer froze while uploading the crappy photo that accompanies this post, so fact-check it yourself *End of WARNING.*

That money-raising question introduces some interesting options for the 72-year-old media darling, or is that leper? Can Ron Paul be the one to transcend party politics and become a movement in itself?

Revolutionary guerilla Allen Bartlett seems to think so. “How it will work out logistically, we're still not yet sure,” he says. “But this is a revolution.”


But isn't a vote for Ron Paul just a vote for Hillary? No, says Bartlett. He thinks Paul's universal appeal will pull disaffected voters from both parties. Hippy-dippy Dems want out of the war (because they're pussies) and callous money-grubbing Repubs want the government to butt out (unless it's subsidizing their corporate interests).

Look! Paul just almost took North Dakota, which everyone knows, with a population well over 600,000 and an almost exclusively farm-based economy, is a microcosm of the United States (in the 18th Century). And that's where this lunatic Ron Paul seems to make his bed, according to Bartlett.

“All of his ideas are based on the Constitution. His ideas only sound wacky because we've forgotten what it was like to follow the Constitution,” he says.

Well here's to Ron Paul, may he be the Ross Perot of the 21st Century and beyond!

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