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Big Love
3 episodes beginning at 8 tonight and repeating most of the week

Colorado City, Arizona, is becoming this generation's Waco, Texas—without the annoying mass extermination. Following a series of Los Angeles Times stories and CNN Anderson Cooper 360 reports that have detailed abuse at, slow law enforcement response to and even acceptance of a polygamist compound on the Arizona-Utah border, Mohave County sheriff's deputies, in a massive show of force, recently raided four homes occupied by members of the Fundamentalist Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. No structures burned to the ground, but several men face indictment, and their leader is now up on wanted posters right next to Osama bin Laden. Yep, polygamy is sooooo hot right now! But if bobbing between sex partners from night to night sounds great, you're obviously thinking with your dick. Bill Henrickson (Bill Paxton) must maintain three households in Utah's suburbia, raise three sets of children—from tots to teens—and deal with one wife who is independent and career driven (Jeanne Tripplehorn), one who is frighteningly controlling and shopping addicted (Chlo Sevigny) and one who is immature and ditzy (Ginnifer Goodwin). Back to the dick, Bill's popping Viagra to, ahem, keep up—and it may be straining his ticker. Add having to maintain this illegal lifestyle out in the open while the heat, neighbors, the Mormon Church and his meddling employees are breathing down his neck—while simultaneously battling with bureaucrats and his sect's powerful “prophet” (Harry Dean Stanton, in full-on creep mode) to grow and control the big-box retail chain he owns—and Bill Hendrickson's gotta tell ya: it ain't easy being a polygamist. The pilot and second episode of this addictive nighttime soap was on last night but the inaugural season picks up in order tonight and continues in three-episode chunks each weeknight through Friday (and you can probably pick up the ones you missed in reruns). 

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