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Coming in July to a theater near you: Colin Farrell and Jamie Foxx as Crocket and Tubbs in the big-screen version of Michael Mann's Miami Vice. For many young Weekly readers, this will be their first exposure to the undercover crime fighters who dangerously infiltrate Miami's drug-hazed underworld. But a lifetime ago—starting way back in 1984! Before there was music and sunshine!!!—Miami Vice was what the kids today would call, “Da Bomb” on NBC. Before seeing the original Miami Vice's Crocket (Don Johnson), no man would have dared to go unshaven while wearing a white suit over a t-shirt and no socks. And before tracking the post-Vice years of the actor who played Tubbs (Philip Michael Thomas), no one other than touched-by-God Jamie Foxx would have risked career suicide by taking over the role. See what all the Reagan-era fuss was about in this season four installment, “Blood and Roses,” that finds Crockett keeping close tabs on his friend's killer (Stanley Tucci, yep, that Stanley Tucci), who is released from jail. A bonus in this episode is the music: besides Jan Hammer's kicking theme song and backing score, you get a slice of Iggy Pop's “Winners and Losers.”

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