Remote Hog

Yo Momma Special
10:30 tonight

Okay, I've just spent a half hour on the MTV website trying to determine what is the difference between Yo Momma, Yo Momma Special, Yo Momma-a-thon, Best of Yo Momma and, of course, the one that started it all, That's My Yo Momma. Alas, these days, the MTV website makes about as much sense as Bush foreign policy (I suspect that's because the same dark forces are behind each). All I really wanted to know before Remote Hogging this trainwreck of a TV game show is whether this episode includes YM footage of the putdown artistes who were “representin' the OC”—beeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeyoch! Because if you thought The O.C., Laguna Beach: The Real O.C., The Real Housewives of Orange County, anything on TBN, Benny Hinn's This is Your Day and Manna From Heaven, The Hour of Power, Hot Seat With Wally George reruns, whatever Poorman's up to on whatever distant channel and 80 percent of what comes out of Angels color commentator Rex Hudler's mouth make the place you're livin' in and droolin' on look bad, friends, I've got four words for you: Yo Momma's OC episode. Wait, three more words: Oh. Dear. God! The show, hosted by That '70s Show's heeeelarious foreigner Wilmer Valderrama, is lame enough without poaching “talent” from our friendly confines. Young 'uns who think they can do the dozens try to out-ridicule one another. But the OC episode sunk YM to depths that make Blue Collar TV look like Masterpiece Theatre. You had a little girl “representin' the OC” who first could not come up with smack that made any sense, then she couldn't put together coherent sentences when her competition got all up in her grill. As the show dragged on, and you covered your face with your fingers at the utter horror on screen, you still could not escape this episode's awfulness as the stink of Satan's breath actually poured out of the Zenith, into your nostrils and gooed up your brain. Folks, this thought never would have hit me before, but it did upon experiencing this trash: a wish that someone would take all the cameras away and return Orange County to the white, Christian, conservative, intolerant and utterly ignored place it used to be. Hell, get me a Lincoln Club application if it'll make this crap go away. So, yeah, I was hoping that footage would be included in whatever the hell MTV is showing tonight. And you're quite welcome for sharing.

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