Remote Hog

10 tonight

So this young guy (James Roday) grew up with a Santa Barbara cop dad (Corbin Bernsen) who drilled into his son mad crime-solving skills. Junior didn't follow ol' pops onto the force—he bounced around odd jobs—but he's such an ace detective that he cultivates clues the boys in blue cannot. Pretty soon he's calling in tips that lead to arrests, but this all backfires when one solution is so precise, the coppers nab him as an accomplice. He gets out of it by claiming to be psychic—and later opens his own detective agency, Psych, with his West Wing pal (Dule Hill). Credit creator Steve Franks with turning the ol' CSI-meets-The Medium formula on its keister. In fact, gauging into our tea leaves-encrusted crystal ball, we predict a bright ratings future for Psych, especially seeing how it's coupled with USA's other odd-ball cop show, Monk, which stars the amazing Tony Shalhoub as an obsessive-compulsive crime fighter and makes its fifth-season debut at 9.   

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