Remote Hog

Squirrel Boy
7 tonight
Cartoon Network

Out of nowhere lately, a squirrel has appeared scampering across the top of my back wall. A SQUIRREL! What is this, Yosemite? Next thing you know, the urban raccoons and alligators and redneck squatters will be back. Jeez. Or maybe Squirrelly's a reminder to flip on the premiere of this delightful little 'toon. The best friend of 10-year-old Andy Johnson—who is voiced by Pamela S. Adlon, who you'll recognize as the voice of King of the Hill's Bobby, and less recognizably as Louis C.K.'s wife Kim in HBO's racy (and live action) Lucky Louie—is his talking pet Rodney J. Squirrel (Richard Horvitz), who tries to mentor the boy but generally messes things up. In “Line in the Sandwich,” Rodney convinces Andy that running a sandwich cart would be a great way to raise money—but that, of course, proves harder to pull off than advertised and things go kablooey. This is mostly gentle stuff, with the random knowing line or situation thrown in to keep the parentals amused, and it's also got going for it the vocal talents of Tom Kenny, better knows as SpongeBob to your kids and a Mr. Show cast member to the rest of us. Kenny voices Rodney's squirrel pal Leon in this show executive produced by one of the dark forces behind Duckman. Remember Duckman? On USA? Jason Alexander? Come to think of it, we've had ducks in the pool lately …

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