Registered Sex Offenders Unite: Group Seeking Legislative Reform to Meet at Buena Park Church

Registered sex offenders rejoice!

The California chapter of the Reform Sex Offender Laws organization will have its first Orange County meeting later this month in Buena Park.

The national organization attributes much of its growth to the late Tom Reeves, a founding member of the North American Man/Boy Love Association.
Reeves, who also went by “Alex Marbury”, died of heart failure on Feb. 19. He was 72 years old.

Here's what was posted Feb. 23 at

Alex Marbury was the very heart and soul of RSOL during its formative
years. He loved RSOL and its people and, in turn, was the recipient of
much appreciation and affection. Hundreds of those now connected to RSOL
were first welcomed into the organization by Alex in his role as email
contact and member of the Admin Team. He has been sorely missed since
his retirement a few years ago.
Alex died in the hospital on Sunday February 19 after a year-long debilitating illness.
All of us in RSOL are deeply indebted for his indefatigable efforts to
end the registry and stand against the demonization of people labeled
sex offenders. But his work on behalf of human rights for sex offenders
was only a small part of Alex's life and work for social justice and
racial equality. No one of any background whose humanity was being
violated would fail to receive Alex's support and love. In next month's
Digest Alex's good friend and admirer, Paul Shannon, an initiator of the
RSOL project, will share a few of the details of Alex's remarkable
This month's RSOL Digest will be dedicated to the memory of Alex.  He cared deeply about the Digest
and enjoyed nothing more than being asked to write an article for an
upcoming edition. His retirement left a gap in our hearts and our lives;
the sadness at his passing is only mitigated by the knowledge that he
is now at rest and at peace.

At, part of a tribute to Reeves, titled “We Remember Tom Reeves, One of NAMBLA's Founders” said the following:

Tom strove over many years to convey the message that sex was something to celebrate, not fear. However moral panics ensued in the 1980s and '90s, fueled by hysterias over the McMartin preschool case, 'Satanic abuse,' and recovered memories. All were shown to be without basis, but were used to hammer NAMBLA. Less radical gays soon to be mainstream separated from Tom on this issue.

Still, the Reform Sex Offenders Law organization disavows sexual relationships between adults and minors, in the face of accusations that it is a front for pedophilia groups. Here's a disclaimer posted on its website:

RSOL does not condone sexual activity between adults and children in any way, nor does it condone any sexual activities that break laws in any state. RSOL is not affiliated with, nor do we support or condone, NAMBLA, Boychat, Girlchat, or any group with similar positions on age of consent or related behaviors. 

Janice Bellucci, the Los Angeles-based state organizer for the group, said Wednesday the  organization's work in the Golden State is not connected to Reeves. She also said those who violate the law should be punished.
“I want to be really clear that when somebody has committed an offense, that they do go to prison,” Bellucci said.
She said the problem for registered sex offenders is what they have to face after they have served their prison sentence or finished probation: local ordinances that ban them from public areas such as parks and beaches.
“We have, in some communities, registrants that are being denied access to their public libraries,” Bellucci said.
She said the other issue is that California's sex offender registry often contains inaccurate information about the registrants, and that it is nearly impossible to remove that information. 
The chapter's Orange County meeting will be a time for registered sex offenders to share their experiences with the law and hear from lawyers about their rights, Bellucci said.
The free meeting takes place March 24 at 1 p.m. at Holy Ground Church, 7699 Ninth St., Suite 106 in Buena Park.

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