Red Lizzie at Tin Lizzie

While hanging out at Tin Lizzie for a friend's birthday party, I had a craving for some flavored Absolut. Luckily I found myself ordering from Tony–quite possibly my new favorite “mixologist.” First was an experiment with Absolut Peach, which turned out to be delicious, but the second cocktail he came up with just begged to be named our Drink of the Week.


This drink consists of Absolut Ruby Red and lemonade, followed by some grenadine and soda water. Even though I am not a big fan of grapefruit, the Red Lizzie is freshing and sweet. It's almost too easy to keep downing them because the lemonade cuts the taste of alcohol.

Coming up with a name for the Red Lizzie ended up being the hard part. It took four people tossing around names like Red Velvet and Sex On A Cupcake (you can thank my friend for that one), to finally settle on a tribute to the establishment itself. So next time you are in Costa Mesa and want a drink, head to Tin Lizzie and get a drink from Tony!


Tin Lizzie Saloon, 752 Saint Clair, Costa Mesa, (714) 966-2029;

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