Red Dons

A unique musical style often comes from superior talent and vision, though it can also be a product of geographical diversity. Case in point: Pawnshop Kings. They're a musical melting pot—a whole lot of Arkansas blended with SoCal’s sunshine and a dash of Texas for spice, creating a folk/gospel/rock combination that's sure to get you grooving this Labor Day. Scott and Joel Owen’s music was impacted by where they lived during their childhood, and their wanderings helped them figure out a sound somewhere between Stevie Wonder, James Morrison and the Traveling  Wilburys. On a song like “She Sings,” you can even hear echoes of George Harrison’s guitar riffs from his work on Rubber Soul. They've got blue-eyed soul hooks worthy of Joe  Cocker. So head to the Observatory this holiday to catch a band that carries their musical journeys and origins in their songs.

Tue., Sept. 4, 8 p.m., 2012

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