Record Review: Youssou N'Dour, 'Music From the Motion Picture I Bring What I Love'

The Judgment: Since the mid-1980s, N'Dour has deftly melded the musical heritage of his African homeland with Caribbean sounds and smartly-placed pop touches. Music From the Motion Picture I Bring What I Love features freshly recorded material from throughout his career. There are also a pair of new selections, the opening title track and “Yonnent (the Messenger),” a stirring prayer to Muhammad featuring N'Dour singing over gentle guitar, keyboard and subtly played percussion instruments including balaphone. English translations to the lyrics are included in the liner notes but there's no reading required to feel the impact of this man's voice. It's a strong, vulnerable, beautiful, captivating instrument that soars over enchanting melodies and arrangements that lovingly spotlight the singer's immense gift. 

Download These: “Yonnent (the Messenger),” “Immigres (Bitim Rew),” “Yaakaar (Hope).”

Grade: A

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