Realizations and Advice From Tyga

“In Black culture… If you hang around somebody, you smashing them,” Tyga told Power 105.1 FM in October. “But white culture is different, they really are friends. It’s genuine and different than how we think and our mentality. For me, if I’m friends with [Kylie Jenner] or her sisters, [it’s assumed] they hoes or we smashing them, but we really are friends. I respect her mom and know her whole family.”

After that heart-warming declaration of love how can you not root for Ty-Ky? (We just coined that celebronym).

TMZ reports that Tyga recently dropped $15,000 for Kylie Jenner’s new 18k gold mouthpiece from Johnny Dang & Co. Will this rapper also hurt the Kardashian brand or will the Kardashian fam cause him to spontaneously self-destruct? Only time will tell.

The rapper has personally invited Sir Paul McCartney to attend one of his shows after the guest list debacle that was caught on film.

“Paul, if you’re watching this, I would love for you to come,” Tyga said on Jimmy Kimmel Live. “I will personally walk you in.”

Taylor Hawkins and Beck can, uh, purchase tickets online, I guess. Tyga said he had no knowledge that the famous trio was not allowed inside The Argyle club following the Grammy ceremony. Some speculate McCartney and pals were looking for Mark Ronson’s party at the Elyx House and had arrived at Tyga’s show by mistake.

Tyga will be performing February 26 at Club Nokia in Los Angeles. McCartney might be there.

Here are some realizations and advice from the rapper. Quotation above via





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