Blinking Owl Distillery Working on Bona Fide Kitchen!

We recently attended a private whiskey tasting (Thank you, J & V!) at Blinking Owl, and learned about an exciting development for the local distillery that just celebrated their first anniversary. Plans are percolating to include a dedicated eating establishment on site. According to the Type 74 Craft Distillers License, the addition would enable the team to provide a full bar to all guests. Those of you who’ve frequented the Owl quickly found out that they are limited to serving an ounce and-a-half of alcohol per person, per day.

Per the lovely Chief Financial Owl, Robin Christenson,

“The concept for the restaurant will fall beautifully in line with our current Blinking Owl philosophy: a focus on organic/sustainably-farmed California products, working closely with those farmers who have provided grains, ingredients and even barrels (a Napa winery) for our Blinking Owl spirits. By doing so, we hope to showcase dishes that can perfectly pair to the flavor profiles of our spirits, and also feature entrees in which our spirits are used in the preparation”

Already in talks with chefs, restaurateurs and investors, the goal is to have food operations up and running by Winter 2018. The layout would not only include a shipping container kitchen, but a redesign of the existing patio where it will be housed. Hey, if we can start pairing our Swedish Fish with small plates, we’re all in!

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