Reaching a Trifecta at Tustin’ s Zama Tea and Kombucha

License to chill. Anne Marie Panoringan

It was two and-a-half years ago when we first mentioned Zama Tea and Kombucha making waves in Old Town Tustin. Leanne Herrera wanted to share her love and the health benefits of sipping the good stuff with the community. Today, there is even more to be excited about. A recent visit for my booch fix was beneficial in more ways than one.

For starters, a recent patio expansion allows for additional room to chill on those balmy autumn afternoons. We already adored the existing patio, but to also rearrange the interior and create extra seating both indoors and out? Real estate is already tough in that neighborhood, so we’re glad they were finally able to update the space even further. It just gives another reason to order more and linger.

Growing Zama’s menu to include not only drinks, but a quartet of hearty sandwiches means regulars can order to-go or spend lunch hour there. Served on different varieties of Dave’s Killer Bread, we found ourselves trying all of them– even the Vegan (We-Couldn’t-Believe-It’s-Not) Turkey. Although the one that disappeared first was probably the Chicken Salad on multigrain. Sunflower seeds and nutritional yeast gave a curious, yet delicious flavor. Also available are hummus flights, soups and salads. With over half a menu that’s vegan-friendly, it’s a healthy alternative for those with dietary needs.


Meatless marvel. Anne Marie Panoringan.


At a recent Tustin City Council meeting, Zama was given the green light to serve an alcoholic kombucha. With the city on board, Herrera commented with the following,

Zama Tea and Kombucha is excited to bring to Orange County the first ever “Over 21” Kombucha on tap. We have been approved by the City of Tustin to add the “Over 21” Komucha to our current kombucha offerings. We’re now patiently waiting for approval by ABC, so fingers crossed. “Over 21” Kombucha and some other surprises are on their way to the Booch Bar in Old Town Tustin.

The Totally Tustin festival participant even houses treats from Three Pug Bakery, an award-winning brand of local sweets. Established in 2014, the “small batch from scratch” bakery’s first kiosk recently celebrated over the weekend with a grand opening party. Pumpkin ginger cheesecake, spiced carrot cake and their vegan selections are a sweet option to end your visit. Spend an afternoon in Old Town Tustin, and let the gang at Zama show you what makes them special.

Zama Tea and Kombucha is located at 434 El Camino Real, (714) 884-3449;

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