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ACCIDENTS do not discriminate.

They can happen to anyone, at any time and come in all shapes and sizes.  Car Accidents, Motorcycle Accidents, Bicycle Accidents, Pedestrian Accidents, Slip and Falls, Dog Bites, Products Defects, Traumatic Brain Injuries, Wrongful Deaths and more.   

It’s not your job to piece together how the accident happened, it’s ours. Getting in an accident wasn’t your choice, but choosing the right lawyer is.  Let us help assist you in documenting the intricate details of your story; gathering the police report, properly opening up your claims, locating the policy limits, chronologizing your medical treatment, negotiating with the opposing side and most importantly- letting the insurance companies know that you’re not alone.


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Ali Razavi was voted BEST LAWYER in OC Weekly’s 2018 Best of Readers Poll

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