How Raquel Figlo Became OC’s Rock’n’Roll Publicist

Raquel Figlo (credit: Janae Marie Photography)

For most, a job is a source of income, not of passion. But this isn’t the case for OC resident Raquel Figlo,  who is lucky enough to be her own boss, and follow her passions: Public Relations, philanthropy, and heavy metal music.

As the CEO of  Raquel Figlo Public Relations, Figlo’s entrepreneurial spirit shines through, as she works full time to get publicity and recognition for her growing roster of clients, including many OC-based authors, entrepreneurs, motivational speakers, and business owners.

Figlo, who was born in Bolivia, came to the U.S. with her family at the age of two. She said that since then her family planted roots in Orange County, and she still is proud to live here. “My Family is very important to me, I am still very close to them,” she says. “OC is amazing I just love it all the people, the cultures, I just feel at home. I have met some amazing mentors here as well. It is is a huge part of who I am, It’s so beautiful out here.”

 Figlo attended Cal State Fullerton earned a Bachelor’s Degree and Masters in Communications with an emphasis on advertising. “It was there that I fell in love with branding, and realized that it’s so important to everyone. I enjoyed what I studied in college, I wouldn’t have changed anything about it,” she says.

After graduating, she tried to enter the real world and began seeking employment like most college graduates. “Of course, after college, you think you’re going to get a job, and for some people, they luck out,” she says. “But it’s a catch 22 because in order to get a job you need experience, and in order to have the experience you need to work so it was difficult at first,  but thankfully I have a wonderful father and he introduced me to some wonderful mentors that encouraged me to join local associations and get involved in my community.”

Around 2007, according to Figlo, she became heavily involved in raising funds for charity, and she discovered her love of philanthropy. “Giving back to the community is something I love being a part of,” she says.

In her career, Figlo has raised more than $100,000 dollars in funds for such organizations and non-profits such as the Surfrider Foundation, Olive Crest Kids Foundations, and March of Dimes, among others. She was also an ambassador to the Women Like Us Foundation (WLUF), an advocacy group giving voice to women who are victims of sex trafficking, and domestic violence.

As 2018 comes to a close,  Figlo has spent a lot of energy and time into representing a diverse roster of clients, ranging from the Audio Bar OC,  Black Flys, comedian Jim Florentine, and author Sienna Sinclaire, Dirtbag Clothing, and Scorpion Percussion, among others.

Though many of her clients are female, Figlo is hesitant to call herself a Feminist. “Feminism is just a word,” she says. “I am here to empower women and men. But, lately, I have a lot of female entrepreneurs as clients lately, which is great, because I love to see women making a difference. “

As if a full-time career in PR is not enough, Figlo’s other passion is heavy metal music. This aspect of her professional life was put in motion in 2011 when she was hired by the now-defunct Key Club in Hollywood, as an Event Manager.  Figlo’s been a music fan since her teens, and growing up in the OC, it played a huge role in her identity. “I have been going to concerts since I was 14,  die hard fan since the age of 7,” she says. “My very first concert was in 1994, for the KROQ Weenie Roast at Irvine Meadows, with my mom when I was 14.”

For almost a decade now,  Figlo has also dabbled in music journalist too. “For the past eight years, I have been a writer for Rock N Roll Industries magazine,” she says. “I also do Rockin Raquel TV, my own Youtube Channel, where I interview bands.”  To date, Figlo has interviewed guitarists Dino Cazares from Fear Factory, Doyle Von Frankenstein from the Misfits, Mina Caputo from Life of Agony, Rob Zombie and others.

Figlo utilizes her experience in PR in the world of heavy metal as well.  “In addition to working with entrepreneurs and business owners,  I also do PR for the music industry specializing in rock and metal. It’s an incredible feeling to work with bands like Frosthelm, a Black Metal band out of North Dakota,” she says. “I love intertwining music and PR Entertainment and lifestyle brands.”

If one thing is evident from Figlo’s  experience, it’s that passion and dedication are crucial for success, but so are thinking outside of the box, when chasing your dream.”For me,  I love it how there are no rules,” she says. “It’s my passion to be able to work with a variety of clients that I’m passionate about.”

Figlo says that her innate positivity and optimistic outlook on life are a combination of being spiritual, doing things you love, having fun, but also staying true to yourself at every level. “We are all unique and all can shine, I truly believe this,” she said. “It just so happens that my work is a mix of rock n roll and being professional.  At the end of the day, I absolutely love what I do.”

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  1. I’ve had the pleasure of knowing Raquel for several years now. She is an amazing person with a bright spirit that tries to lift people up on all levels. She is very good at what she does and enjoys it as well, which is evident when you read her work or hear her speak about it.

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