Raptor Attention

Our global love of those behemoth lizards of yesteryear—the tragic giants forgotten by the Bible but remembered by every grade school aficionado during science hour—has not waned since it became acceptable to tell their story regardless of creationist myths.
Based on the popular BBC television series, Walking with Dinosaurs promises “fifteen roaring, snarling “live” dinosaurs [that will] mesmerize the audience and are as awe-inspiring as when they first walked the earth.” Watch as old favorites, some with new names (Remember our long-necked Brontosaurus? Remember when Pluto was a planet and the Earth was flat?), show a 200 million year evolutionary process is under two hours: the necessary time crunch being another result of our lizard brains’ dwindling capacities for prolonged concentration.

Wednesdays-Fridays, 7 p.m.; Saturdays, 11 a.m., 3 N 7 p.m.; Sundays, 11 a.m. N 3 p.m. Starts: Aug. 20. Continues through Aug. 24, 2008

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