Raiders of the Lost Ark

Back in 1981­—when real-life stuntmen performed on real-life sets (instead of in front of green screens), and sexy leading ladies were brunette, b-cupped and over 25—director Steven Spielberg brought to the screen one of the rip-roarinest romps through Nazi-Egyptian-Bible Study class anyone had ever seen. Filled with jungle snakes, desert snakes and lots of creepy-crawly, er, snakes, Dr. Jones (Harrison Ford) and maid Marion (Karen Allen) flipped a big 1930’s bird to the SS, American-style, and saved the world. Watch this classic on the big screen and love on the rolling boulder, kick-ass soundtrack, and melting Aryan faces. Like butta.

Wed., May 26, 7:30 p.m., 2010

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