Race Skater

You were the asshole who was with (I assume) your daughter at Fountain Valley Skating Center on New Year's Eve. I noticed the little girl you were protecting was looking very alone. You were clutching her as if someone was going to take her away from you, as all the cool kids were skating around and having a great time. I was with my group of kids; I introduced myself and the girls and asked if your daughter would like to skate with some girls her own age rather than being alone. You checked us each out, noticed we were all Mexican and didn't hesitate to say no. You said your daughter knew how to skate, and she would be fine. I know when people are being dicks, so I said, “I didn't ask if she knew how to skate.” As I left, I said, “She's still alone with an old man!” I assumed I pissed you off because, later, you were showing off like a speed skater at the Olympics.

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