Ra Ra Riot

Is Ra Ra Riot just another intellectual, inoffensive indie rock band, designed for college freshmen to discover after abandoning typical KROQ fare? Well, maybe. But they happen to be a very good iteration of that archetype, surfacing in 2008 as a less quirky version of their New York state-mates Vampire Weekend with their full-length debut The Rhumb Line. Just take a listen to the pastoral melodies of “Oh La,” a song as simple and breezy as the title suggests. This year brought a follow-up, the predictably acclaimed The Orchard. While retaining the same appealing sensibilities, the affair is pepped with the subtle synth sounds found on songs like “Boy.” Ra Ra Riot is nothing you’ll impress your cool friends or shock your parents with—it’s just good music.

Tue., Oct. 19, 7 p.m., 2010

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