Quiz: Name These Bands From Their Literal Descriptions

Keep your mind active and “flex” your cerebral cortex by taking our quiz!

There are countless apps that promise to “exercise” or “train” your brain via SAT questions disguised as games with cute graphics–but you don't need cute graphics, right? Good.

Let's see if you can name the following bands based on their literal descriptions. We promise this will make you smarter.

The answer key is located on last page. Tally your correct answers to reveal your music knowledge persona.

If you answer all of the clues correctly, be sure to brag in the comments section.

These are bands, literally. Can you name them?

Example: Video game gallery blaze
Answer: Arcade Fire

1. Post present tense land masses surrounded by water

2. Musical group of equine

3. Savage women

4. Appreciatively extinct

5. Intercourse guns

6. Conceptualize fictional monsters

7. Agreeable phrase, thrice

8. Zero conviction

9. Put your palms together, verbalize 'yes'

10. Bungalow near the sea


11. Compote made of mollusk material

12. Crowd admiration

13. Community adversary

14. Unyielding, unmarried woman

15. A few thresholds south

16. Summer fruit without vision

17. Female rulers of Paleolithic times

18. Poured concrete

19. Contorted female offspring

20. Fertile patch of audible wavelengths

Answer Key:
1. Future Islands
2. Band of Horses
3. Violent Femmes
4. Grateful Dead
5. Sex Pistols
6. Imagine Dragons
7. Yeah Yeah Yeahs
8. No Doubt
9. Clap Your Hands Say Yeah
10. Beach House
11. Pearl Jam
12. Grouplove
13. Public enemy
14. Iron Maiden
15. Three Doors Down
16. Blind Melon
17. Queens of the Stone Age
18. Pavement
19. Twisted Sister
20. Soundgarden

Your music knowledge persona is based on the number of band names you've correctly deciphered.

20 Correct: Kanye. You're a know-it-all.
19-15 Correct: Band Aid. Who are you, Penny Lane? We bet you know way too much about celebrities' personal lives.
10-14 Correct: Music Consumer. You're on the cusp of giving a shit, but really you just want a burrito.
6-10 Correct: Little Monster. You're dressing the part, but you're just not getting it. Study harder so you don't have to rely on your cleavage.
1-5 Correct: Wallflower. You don't get out much, do you? That's OK. You probably have less wrinkles.
0 Correct: Dunce. Stay in school and lay off the reefer.

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