Quang Van Quan, Convicted Murderer Of Garden Grove Family, Sentenced To 3 Life Sentences

​​On May 27, 2006, Quang Van Quan entered the Garden Grove home of Phuong Le, supposedly a friend he had made while in prison. Both were serving for robbery charges. 
The house-call wasn't a welcomed one. A day prior, Quan had contacted Le, hoping to stay the night. The intentions were believed to be vengeful, as Quan was supposdly in search of repayment of the $80,000 he was owed by Le.
Upon entering the home, at an unknown time and with an unknown number of accomplices, Quan murdered Le, his wife and 6-year-old son. Quan did not harm Le's 11-month-old daughter, but left her alone in her room. Along with the murders, cell phones and laptops were stolen.


Quan was finally arrested in July 2006 in Houston. On Friday, Quan's sentencing was finally delivered, following a guilty verdict in October. Quan, 39, a third-striker, will spend three consecutive life sentences in prison, with no chance for parole.

As for the remaining details of the incident–which are gruesome–it wasn't until two days after Quan murdered the family that concerned co-workers contacted the Garden Grove Police Department, after Le's wife, had failed to show up for work, return phone calls or answer knocks on the front door. 
When officers entered the home, they discovered the following:

Responding officers discovered Le's body in an office bedroom. His ankles and wrists had been bound together behind his back, underwear and pajamas were tied around his head, and he had been stabbed several times in the neck and head. Ngoc Lam's murdered body was found slightly covered by a pillow in the master bedroom. Her wrists and ankles were bound together behind her back, she had been stabbed several times in the back, and her throat had been slashed. Tommy Lam's body was found in his bedroom slightly covered by a pillow. He had been stabbed in the back and head.

When the baby was found, she was dehydrated and lethargic, but well enough to be saved.

Authorities are still asking for public assistance in finding Quan's accomplices. Anyone with information is asked to contact Supervising District Attorney Investigator Helen Moreno at (714) 347-8492.

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