'Punk Rock Died in 1984'

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As the founding editor of the OC Blade, it was satisfying to have Bill LaPointe publicly exposed for the scoundrel that he is [R. Scott Moxley's “Dull Blade,” Sept. 2]. LaPointe, then a massage and Gestalt therapist, was recruited by longtime friend and founding Blade publisher Rus Calisch to sell ads for the magazine. Once signed on to a partnership position, however, LaPointe played both bully and drama queen in his efforts to hijack the magazine's mission, which was to create not only a voice of celebration and promotion for the gay and lesbian community of Orange County, but to be a bona fide news vehicle. LaPointe responded with relentless and sometimes public temper tantrums when we covered anything that could ruffle feathers or pose the hard questions. The Kooshian case seems to illustrate that he still has no confidence in the strength of Orange County's gays and lesbians, convinced that they are too fragile to hear news beyond potluck announcements and movie reviews. And it appears that LaPointe remains guided by greed rather than integrity. LaPointe created an impossible work environment that led to the destruction of the original Blade partnership and a resulting publication that, as OC Weekly has so properly pointed out, is a sellout to its advertisers and, ultimately, a failure to its readers.

Robert D. Brown
San Clemente

To the “Wife of an OCS in the OCSD” who claimed that it was okay for members of the Orange County Sheriff's Department overseeing the OC jail to beat inmates to a bloody mess because the inmates “deserved” it [Letters, Aug. 26]. You may not be aware of this, but your husband's task is to “administrate” the jail and inmates; this does not include random beatings. What I find most interesting is that you don't deny the charges; rather, you confirm them by defending his actions and the actions of others from the OCSD. Pathetic!

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Thank you for the Adolescents article [Chris Ziegler's “Back From the Black Hole,” Aug. 19]. But please, Adolescents, aren't you doing exactly what we protested against when we were young? Playing the same old music? Punk rock died in 1984; let the past be the past. You're doing a disservice to the kids out there who can create a new sound and a new reason to rebel. It is embarrassing to see middle-aged men and women acting as if they're still punk rock.

Mark Johnson
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Chris Ziegler responds: Let's never talk about punk rock again.

I really loved Joel Beers' piece “Fat Like Me” [Aug. 26]. It was very clever of you to hire some guy to wear a fat suit to expose the cruelty of our society toward the morbidly obese. Beers' piece proves people living in glass houses should not throw scones. I never read your paper with the exception of R. Scott Moxley's Haidl coverage. Now I realize what I missed.

Leona Christensen
Long Beach

Jeremy Rosenberg, a friend suggested I read your article about Creation, the Crystal Cathedral's summer production based on the book of Genesis from the Bible, something you're obviously unfamiliar with but clearly despise [“Church du Soleil,” Aug. 5]. Lucky for you and for me, we live in a free country where you have the right to reject the values and the teachings that this country was based on. You do not, however, have the right to criticize a child in the way you did. You must be a very sinister and spiteful person to publish such critical and hurtful remarks about a young child. Did you mention his ability to play a powerful role in the story being told, even if you didn't agree with the story? Did you take any time at all to speak with him and find out what a kindhearted, thoughtful, caring and intelligent person he really is? No! You, Mr. Rosenberg, chose to degrade him for his physical features that were evidently unattractive to you. The worst part of it all is that in the process of looking through such negative and critical eyes, you have totally missed the big picture. You have lost, or maybe never possessed, the gifts of grace, compassion and kindness. I am genuinely sorry for you.

Sherri Bishop Ernst
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Hey, Melissa Rubio, you're right regarding the Haidl case [Letters, Aug. 26]. It sure is a good thing he was prosecuted so he won't be able to run for president someday. Who would want a rich, spoiled, pot-smoking daddy's boy in office? Or what if he became a rich, spoiled, protected, cowardly, alcoholic senator who drove his car off a bridge, and to save his political career, ran away and would not report the crime for nine more hours while leaving a young woman alone to die a slow, horrendous drowning death? Yep, it sure is good we are protected from having that happen.

Carly Janson
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Rebecca Schoenkopf, your column this week is so good, if a little short [Commie Girl, Aug. 26]. I almost cried halfway through it, you are such a wonderful writer and I am so glad I have the opportunity to read what you have to say on a weekly basis for the most part. Your column is my favoritistinthewholewideworld!

Leah Hull
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What? Rich Kane no longer at the Weekly? Are the missiles coming? It's the end of an era: the name that struck fear into the heart of the OC music scene while nearly single-handedly cultivating it is gone. Damn, now all OC musicians will have no one on whom to blame their problems. “LowBallAssChatter,” I will miss you the most.

George Fryer
Costa Mesa

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